Power BI has a visuals gallery which contains many useful visualizations created by the community and created by Microsoft that you can download, and use in your Power BI reports. There is an active developer community creating a wide range of custom visuals. To learn more about how to create a Power BI visual, see Extend Power BI with custom visuals or Create and submit a custom visual.

It's easy to download, and use a custom visual in your reports. Watch Will do it or skip to the step-by-step instructions below the video.

  1. Go to http://visuals.powerbi.com.

  2. On the Welcome to Power BI custom visuals page, browse through the gallery and select a visual tile to see more information about that visual and, optionally, to download the visual.

  3. On the tile page, read through the description and choose Download Visual.

  4. On the This visual is published and is licensed to you by a Power BI community member ... page, read the visual agreement. For tips on evaluating custom visuals, see Review custom visuals for security and privacy. When you select I Agree, the custom visual is downloaded to your computer.

    NOTE: To try out the custom visual first, select Download Sample and save the .pbix file. From Power BI Desktop, open the sample custom visual file.

  5. Save the .pbiviz file.

  6. To use a custom visual, see Add a custom visual to a report (Service) or Add a custom visual to a report (Desktop)

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