The Office store contains custom visualizations created by members of the community and by Microsoft. These visualizations can be downloaded and added to Power BI Service reports and Power BI Desktop reports. All of these custom visuals have been approved by Microsoft and they behave similar to the native visualizations included with Power BI; they can be filtered, highlighted, edited, shared, etc. To learn how to use these visualizations, see Download and use custom visuals from the Office store.

The custom visuals in the Office store fall into 2 categories: Office store approved and Power BI certified. Office store approved visuals can be run in browsers, reports, and dashboards. Power BI certified visuals have passed rigorous testing, and are supported in additional scenarios, such as email subscriptions, and export to PowerPoint.

To see the list of certified custom visuals or to submit your own, see Certified custom visuals.

  • Are you a Web developer and interested in creating your own visualizations and adding them to the store? See Get started with Developer Tools and learn how to publish custom visuals to the Office store.

  • Is there an Office store visual that you use regularly? Ask the visual developer to certify the visual with Microsoft. The developer’s contact information is on the visual’s details page, listed as Provider.

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