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When you look at a Power BI report on your mobile device, do you see a little pushpin icon in the upper-right corner? If so, then you can filter that report based on your geographic location.


  • You can only filter by location if the geographic names in the report are in English–for example, "New York City" or "Germany".
  • Windows 10 tablets and PCs don't support geographic filtering, but Windows 10 phones do.

Filter your report by your geographic location

  1. Open a report in the Power BI mobile app on your mobile device.

  2. Tap the push pin in the upper-right corner. You can filter on either city, state/province, or country/region, depending on how the report creator set up the report. The filter only lists options that match your current location.

Why don't I see location tags on a report?

You need to meet all three of these conditions to see location tags.

  • The person who created the report in Power BI Desktop categorized geographical data for at least one column, such as City, State, or Country/Region.
  • You are in one of the locations that has data in that column.
  • You're using one of these mobile devices:
    • iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod).
    • Android phone or tablet.
    • Windows 10 phone (other Windows 10 devices such as PCs and tablets don't support geographic filtering).

Read more about setting up geographic filtering in Power BI Desktop.

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