A report is an interactive view of your data, with visuals representing different findings and insights from that data. You create and customize reports in the Power BI service (https://powerbi.com) or in Power BI Desktop. When you create reports in Power BI Desktop, you can create a version of the report optimized for phones.

Then you view and interact with those reports in the iPhone app (Power BI for iOS).

Open a Power BI report

  • On your iPhone, in My workspace or in a group, tap Reports.

    You see Power BI reports and Excel workbooks together.

  • Or: On a dashboard, tap a tile to open it in focus mode, then tap the Open Report icon .

The report opens in landscape mode.


  Not all tiles can open in a report. For example, tiles you create by asking a question in the Q&A box don't open reports when you tap them.

View reports optimized for your phone

Some Power BI report authors create a report layout optimized for phones. If a report page has a phone layout, then when you go to that page, it opens in portrait view.

Read more about reports optimized for phone view.

See other pages in a Power BI report

  • Swipe side to side, or tap the pages icon > tap a page. 

Cross-filter and highlight a Power BI report page

  • Tap a value in a chart.

    Tapping the red "030-Kids" bubble in the bubble chart highlights related values in the other charts. Because the column chart in the upper-right shows percentages, some highlighted values are larger than the total values, and some are smaller. 

Use slicers to filter the report page

When designing a report in the Power BI service (https://powerbi.com), you can add slicers to a report page. Then when you or your colleagues view your reports on your mobile devices, you can use the slicers to filter the page.

  • Select a value in a slicer on the report page.

Go back to My Workspace

  • Tap the arrow next to the tile name and tap My Workspace.

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