Here you can find information regarding different scenarios you may face when refreshing data within the Power BI service.


If you encounter a scenario that is not listed below, and it is causing you issues, you can ask for further assistance on the community site, or you can create a support ticket.

Refresh using Web connector doesn't work properly

If you have a web connector script that's using the Web.Page function, and you have updated your dataset or report after November 18th, 2016, you need to use a gateway in order for refresh to work properly.

Unsupported data source for refresh

When configuring a dataset, you may get an error indicating the dataset uses an unsupported data source for refresh. For details, see Troubleshooting unsupported data source for refresh

Dashboard doesn't reflect changes after refresh

Please wait about 10-15 minutes for refresh to be reflected in the dashboard tiles.  If it is still not showing up, re-pin the visualization to the dashboard.

GatewayNotReachable when setting credentials

You may encounter GatewayNotReachable when trying to set credentials for a data source. This could be the result of an outdated gateway.  Install the latest gateway and try again.

Processing Error: The following system error occurred: Type Mismatch

This could be an issue with your M script within your Power BI Desktop file or Excel Workbook.  It could also be due to an out of date Power BI Desktop version.

Tile refresh errors

For a list of errors you may encounter with dashboard tiles, and explanations, see Troubleshooting tile errors.

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