About the samples

Microsoft has created sample content for you to use with Power BI. Each of these samples is available as a content pack and as a separate Excel workbook. A content pack is a type of sample where the dataset is bundled with a dashboard and/or report. The sample content packs are available from within Power BI, using Get Data. This tutorial teaches you how to find the sample content packs and add them to your Power BI.

The Excel workbooks that were used to create the content packs can be downloaded as a zip file or individually. Advanced users may want to download the Excel workbooks to explore or edit the data models.

NOTE: This tutorial applies to Power BI Service and not Power BI Desktop.

The Retail Analysis sample content pack used in this tutorial consists of a dashboard, report, and dataset. To familiarize yourself with this particular content pack and its scenario, you may want to take a tour of the Retail Analysis sample before beginning this tutorial or download and explore the Excel workbook version of the sample.


  1. Open and sign in to Power BI Service (powerbi.com).

  2. Select Get Data at the bottom of the left navigation pane. If you don't see Get Data, expand the nav pane by selecting .

  3. Select Samples.

  4. Select the Retail Analysis sample, and choose Connect

  5. Power BI adds the dashboard, report, and dataset for the Retail Analysis sample. Because they're new, they're marked with a yellow asterisk.

  6. Now explore the dashboard and report on your own, or check out the Tour of the Retail Analysis sample.

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