Text boxes can be added to reports, pinned to dashboards from reports, and added directly to dashboards. Hyperlinks can be added to a text box no matter where it resides. This topic covers text boxes in reports.

NOTE: For information on hyperlinks in Power BI tables and matrixes, see Hyperlinks in tables. For information on adding text boxes to your dashboard, see Add a tile directly from the dashboard

To add a hyperlink to a text box in a report

  1. Create a text box and add some text

  2. Highlight existing text, or add new text to use as a hyperlink.

  3. Select the hyperlink icon   .

  4. Type or paste the URL in the hyperlink field, and select Done.

  5. Test the link.  

    • In the text box, select the hyperlink to display the URL

    • Select the URL to open the page in a new browser window.

To remove the hyperlink but leave the text

  1. In the text box, select the hyperlink to highlight it,

  2. Choose Remove

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