Power BI group workspaces are great places to collaborate with your colleagues on dashboards, reports, and datasets. That's what groups are designed for -- collaboration. If you just want to distribute a finished dashboard with colleagues, then you're better off sharing it with them, or creating an organizational content pack. Read How should I collaborate on and share dashboards and reports? first, if you haven't done so yet.

Collaboration doesn’t end with groups in Power BI. Office 365 offers other group services such as sharing files on OneDrive for Business, conversations in Exchange, shared calendar and tasks, and so on. Read more about groups in Office 365.

Note: Group workspaces are only available with Power BI Pro.

Collaborate on Power BI Desktop files in your group workspace

After you create a Power BI Desktop file, if you publish it to your Power BI group workspace, then everyone in your group can collaborate on it.

  1. In Power BI Desktop, select Publish on the Home ribbon, then in the Select a destination box, select your group workspace.

  2. In the Power BI service, select the arrow next to My Workspace > select your group workspace.

  3. Scroll to your report.

  4. Select your report.

    From here, it's like any other report. You and others in your group workspace can modify the report and save tiles to a dashboard of your choosing.

Collaborate in Office 365

Collaborating in Office 365 starts from the group workspace in Power BI.

  1. In Power BI, switch to the group workspace, so the group name is in the top-left corner. 

  2. Select the ellipsis () next to your group name.

    Note: The first time you go to your group in Office 365, it may take some time. Give it 15 to 30 minutes, then refresh your browser.

Have a group conversation

  1. Select the ellipsis (…) next to your group name > Conversations

    This opens the email and conversation site for your group in Outlook for Office 365.

  2. Read more about group conversations in Outlook for Office 365.

Schedule an event on the group’s calendar

  1. Select the ellipsis () next to your group name > Calendar

    This opens the calendar for your group in Outlook for Office 365.

  2. Read more about group calendars in Outlook in Office 365.

Manage a group workspace

If you’re owner or admin for a group workspace, you can also add or remove group members. Read more about managing your Power BI groups.

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