What is Focus mode?

Focus mode lets you expand (pop out) a dashboard tile or report visual to see more detail.  While in Focus mode for a dashboard tile, you can view and modify the filters that were applied when this visual was created. And while in Focus mode for a report visual, you can view and modify the Visual level and Page level filters.


Focus is different from full screen mode. Full screen mode is available for dashboards and reports and tiles.

  1. Hover over the tile or visual and select the Focus mode icon .

  2. It opens and fills the entire canvas. 

  3. Expand the Filters pane to see all filters applied to this visual.

  4. Explore further by modifying the filters and, if you discover something interesting, pin the visual to a dashboard.

  5. Leave Focus mode and return to the dashboard by selecting < Exit Focus mode (in the top left corner of the visual).

Go from Focus mode to Full Screen mode

Once in Focus mode, the tile or visual can then be viewed in full screen (TV Mode.) Full Screen Mode displays without the distraction of menus and navigation buttons.

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