Tiles must first be in Focus mode before they can be displayed in full screen mode.

What is Full Screen Mode?

Display your dashboards, reports, and tiles without the distraction of menus and navigation buttons. You get an unadulterated, full view of your business at a glance, all the time. This is sometimes referred to as TV Mode.

Some uses for full screen mode are:

  • presenting your tile at a meeting or conference
  • displaying your tile in an office on a dedicated large screen or projector
  • looking at your tile on a small screen
  • reviewing your tile in locked mode -- you can touch the screen or mouse over the tile without opening the underlying report

To turn full screen mode on (and off)

  1. Pop out the tile and display it in Focus mode.

    Your tile fills the canvas.

  2. From the top menubar, select this icon to display the tile in Full Screen mode.

  3. In full screen mode, the tile fills your entire screen.

  4. To exit full screen mode, select the Exit Full Screen icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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