You can change the look and default behavior of a tile in a dashboard.

This article covers the following.

How to begin

  1. In a dashboardget data , and add a tile. 

  2. Hover over a dashboard tile and select the ellipses to display the options.

Pin the tile to a different dashboard

  1. Select the pin icon   .

  2. Decide whether to pin to an existing dashboard or to a new dashboard. 

  3. Select Pin.

Rename the tile

  • Select the pencil icon   to edit the tile title.

Move the tile

  • Select and hold the tile to drag it to a new location on the dashboard canvas.

Resize the tile

You can make tiles many different sizes -- from 1x1 tile units up to 5x5.

  • Select and drag the handle  (in the bottom right corner) to resize the tile.

Add a hyperlink to a dashboard tile

By default, clicking a tile takes you to the report where the tile was created or to Q&A (if the tile was created in Q&A). To link to a webpage, another dashboard, an SSRS report, or other online content - add a custom link:

  1. Select the pencil icon   to edit the tile.

  2. Place a checkmark in Set custom link and enter a URL.

Delete the tile

  • Select the X icon  to delete the tile. Deleting a tile does not delete the underlying report.

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