In report Editing View, you have lots of flexibility in exploring and designing a report. All the Reading View functionality is available -- plus lots more.

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Add a page

No need to crowd your report pages.  If you need more room, add a new page.

Change the way a report page is displayed

How do you want your report pages to be viewed? Set rendering rules, display ratios, and absolute page sizes (in pixels).

Add visualizations

Create visualizations on the pages of your report.

Filtering and highlighting in reports

There are many ways to filter and highlight data in reports. In Editing View, you can add filters to a page and when you share your dashboard, your viewers can interact with the filters in Reading View.

Delete a page

Report pages can be deleted, even if they're not blank.

Create a new report

Create a brand new report.

Reorder the pages

Change the order of the report pages.

Rename a report

Don't like the name of the report? Rename it

Save a report

Save your report so you can use it again and share it with colleagues. The name of the saved report is added to your Power BI navigation pane.

Share a report

See share a dashboard.

Delete a report

Don't need the report any more?  Delete it.

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