Dashboards, reports, and datasets are at the heart of Power BI. A report is a multi-perspective view into your data, with visualizations that represent different findings and insights from that data.  A report may have a single visualization or pages full of visualizations.

Need help understanding the building blocks that make up Power BI?  See Power BI - Basic Concepts.

You can create a report from scratch or have one shared with you. And for some kinds of data, Power BI will create a report for you as it adds the dataset.  

View reports in the navigation pane

Power BI can have more than one report-- as you add reports, their titles are added to the list under the Reports heading (see screenshot below). The report you're currently viewing is highlighted. New reports have a yellow asterisk. Only one report can be open at a time.

For more information about reports:

From the table of contents (on the left side of this browser page), expand Reports to see all the topics related to Power BI reports.

Tips and troubleshooting

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