November 2016

We are excited to announce a better way for you to navigate Power BI, quickly get to the dashboards that you access most often, and easily browse through all of your content. During this Preview phase, you'll be able to try it out and switch back and forth between the old and new navigation experiences.


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We've redesigned the navigation experience to make it easier for you to find and navigate your Power BI content.

  • streamlined the lists for dashboards, reports, workbooks, and datasets

  • added a separate content area for workbooks

  • created a separate area for your favorite dashboards

  • created a separate area for content that has been shared with you

  • created a separate area for your most-recent content

  • reduced the number of clicks required to accomplish tasks -- combined the lists of content, and the actions you can take on that content, on the same screen

Favorite dashboards

We heard from many users that you want to quickly access a few select dashboards that are most important to you. To help you reach the dashboards you go to most, we added a way to favorite those dashboards and make them easily accessible from all your workspaces.

  1. With the dashboard open, select Favorite from the top-right corner.

    Favorite changes to Unfavorite and the star icon becomes yellow.

  2. To display a list of all the dashboards that you have added as favorites, in the left navpane, select the arrow to the right of Favorites. The advantage of this is that you can display this list from just about any page in Power BI service.

    From here you can select a dashboard to open it.

  3. To open the Favorites pane, in the left navpane, select Favorites or select the Favorites icon .

    From here you can select a dashboard to open it, see who owns a dashboard, unfavorite a dashboard, or share a dashboard with colleagues.

  4. Another way to mark a dashboard as a favorite is from the Dashboards tab. Just open the workspace that contains the dashboard, and select the star icon to the left of the dashboard name.


Quickly get to the reports and dashboards that you’ve most recently accessed by visiting the Recents pane. This includes content from across all of your workspaces.

Similar to Favorites, you can quickly access your recents from anywhere by selecting the arrow next to Recents.

Shared with me

Shared with me is the location for all dashboards that colleagues have shared with you. You can filter by the owner of the dashboard or search to find what’s relevant. You can also sort the items by the date it was shared with you. And for shared content you visit frequently, it is even easier to favorite it right from the Shared with me view.

Content View

We've also improved the way you navigate and access all your Power BI content. Before this, all of your dashboards, reports, and datasets were listed on the left navigation pane. Now, all that content doesn't appear in the navigation pane and instead displays within the context of a workspace. Select a workspace from the left navigation pane and the tabs for the associated content (dashboards, reports, workbooks, datasets) fill the Power BI canvas to the right.

Working with workspaces

We have also made improvements to the way that content appears in your 'My workspace' and group Workspaces. The content shows up on the main canvas area, with separate tabs for dashboards, reports, workbooks and datasets. If you have edit permissions for the content, you also get quick access to the top actions you might want to perform – for example, on the Reports tab, you can now run Insights with one click and see the owner for each report.

Switch workspaces by selecting the arrow next to the current Workspace.

Search, filter and sort content

The new content view makes it easier to search, filter and sort your content. To search for a dashboard, report or workbook, type in the search area. Power BI filters to only the content that has your search string as part of the name.

You can also filter to display only content that you own. Power BI also lets you filter the content view to display alphabetically.

Switching between the 2 experiences

You can go back to the old experience any time by selecting the gear icon, and choosing Settings>Preview Features. You can also turn it back on anytime later, by visiting the same screen. To learn how, see Switch between the new and old Power BI navigation experiences.

Have questions or feedback? Visit the Power BI community forum