Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Consumer products sit at the center of the following disciplines: operations, marketing, sales and finance to name a few. Analyze constantly changing data to maximize sales, profits and customer loyalty.

Grow market share through deeper data analysis and trend understanding

Consumer Packaged Products is competitive industry. All brands and categories fight every day for customer attention and preference. Growing your market share is hard and CPG analytics is the only way to excel.

Monitor all key metrics in one place with Power BI: stock levels, profitability, supply chain, channels and pricing. Avoid out of stock situations with real time reports and alerts.

Manage your global footprint with high level dashboards and drill down where data show you deeper insights. Clearly evaluate the performance of all your brands and categories through advanced models and detailed reports.

Monitor the results of your marketing campaigns and their impact on sales, market share and profit. Drill down into the financials of all your operations with rich interactive reports for quick insights and meaningful actions.

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