Data is pouring in from insurance companies operations: policy sales, claims, fraud, coverage complexity and premiums all provide companies with a rich set of trends and insights that are waiting to tapped.

Monitor risk, manage sales and claims, and detect fraud with visual data driven analysis

Managing risk is the most important goal for insurance companies. But the amount of data and variables that go into insurance analytics is huge and needs tools and approaches that help insurance professionals to quickly identify trends and act on them.

Power BI helps insurance analysts to visualize claims, premiums, fraud, sales and customer satisfaction data with ease and in one place. Spot claims and payment trends faster.

Identify patterns that could lead to fraud detection and set up automated alerts to quickly spot them. Create customized metrics and monitor average cost or average time to settle claims.

Visualize the impact of your pricing strategy and profitability. Monitor your customer satisfaction and identify potential new business opportunities or risks to quickly act on them.

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