Meet tomorrow’s customer demands today—with Power BI

Transform your retail operations and improve efficiencies by acting on insights that are delivered in real time.

Understand your customers, your people, your data—with Power BI

Know your customers

With so many shoppers moving online, they expect more than just rewards points and discounts. Gain visibility into the insights, patterns, and purchasing predictions you need at speed and scale to effectively connect with them.

  • Identify, adapt, and serve customers’ ever-evolving needs—across all channels.
  • Use hundreds of data connectors to combine petabytes of data from internal and external sources.
  • Deliver enriched, cohesive customer insights.

Empower your employees

Your employees are your most valuable brand ambassadors. So provide them with the Power BI tools and retail technology they need to deliver the best customer experiences possible.

  • Create a more collaborative environment by enabling your employees to generate actionable insights in real time using familiar tools and applications.
  • Keep employees connected, regardless of location—whether they’re in the back office or on the sales floor.
  • Increase productivity in a safe, secure environment—use Power BI and Microsoft Azure Information Protection to manage data access, security, and compliance.

Deliver an intelligent supply chain

Get the right product, at the right price, to the right customer, at the right time—while closing the gap between demand generation and fulfillment.

  • Reduce costs and deliver operational efficiencies by increasing end-to-end agility.
  • Use data-driven insights to anticipate and address changing customer demand both at global and local scale.
  • Improve logistics transparency and speed to market with data-driven insights while improving capacity utilization and inventory distribution across your stores and warehouses.

Reimagine retail

Accelerate your business’s retail innovation, agility, and overall resilience to achieve growth, regardless of market shifts and disruptions.

  • Adopt a forward-looking business strategy by using the Power BI machine learning, AI, and visualization capabilities.
  • Mitigate the impact of unplanned challenges by transforming your business from one that simply reacts to one that proactively plans.
  • Build a digital foundation and data culture in your organization that keeps up with ever-changing customer demands.

How retailers are putting Power BI to work for their business


“When COVID-19 happened, we needed something very quickly. We used Power BI to create helpful visuals in a matter of days.”

-Kasper Pors Hansen
Senior Manager IT, Arla Foods

The Wonderful Company
The Wonderful Company

“Power BI has provided us the lowest total cost of ownership. With Power BI we are able to address both real-time and analytical reporting while catering to self-service and IT governance.”

-Dhiraj Chhajer
IT Director, The Wonderful Company

Lee Valley

“One of the tools that they introduced us to was Power BI, and all of a sudden, within a very short amount of time—and a very reasonable amount of IT work—we’ve been able to liberate all this data into information.”

-Jason Tasse
Chief Operating Officer, Lee Valley Tools

Explore sample reporting and dashboard solutions for retail

Global store analysis report

Visualize each store’s sales performance with a 360-degree view. Analyze KPIs and determine actionable insights across multiple attributes including products, segments, and geographies.

Customer segmentation dashboard

Analyze sales and profits while generating value insights based on product turnover-related customer behaviors.

Business intelligence reporting for apparel

Make informed decisions as you plan for the future—with advanced analytics that deliver critical insights related to margin, customer churn probability, and product optimization.

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