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MailChimp Integration

Track and analyze your MailChimp data with custom reports

Use Power BI and MailChimp integration to identify trends quickly within your campaigns, reports, and among individual subscribers. Track progress and create customized MailChimp reports with modern visualizations.

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Connect MailChimp and Power BI to create dashboards and easily visualize and monitor your data

Explore and analyze MailChimp data reports more easily

Power BI pulls data from your MailChimp account and generates a dashboard and dataset that allow you to explore your data with modern visualizations, plus you can create and share reports easily.

Identify trends quickly with MailChimp dashboards

Use MailChimp analytics in Power BI to create reports and spot trends. Find out who your most engaged subscribers are, which places open the most campaigns or how trends have changed over time.

No coding required for MailChimp integration

With Power BI and MailChimp integration, you don’t need coding knowledge to drill down into your reporting. And automatic data updates help you stay on top of data to make informed decisions.

Connect to what matters with Microsoft Power BI integration for MailChimp and more

MailChimp reporting, Excel spreadsheets, on-premise data sources, Hadoop datasets, streaming data, and cloud services: Power BI brings together all your data so you can start analyzing it in seconds.

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