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SQL Sentry Integration

Monitor and visualize your SQL Sentry data

Monitor the SQL Server deployments you track using the SQL Sentry Cloud. Share insights throughout your organization.

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Connect your SQL Sentry data with Power BI to view all of your data in one place.

Get a comprehensive view

When you connect to Power BI, an out-of-the-box dashboard showcases data about the current state of the servers you monitor, including server health, memory usage and downtime. Click on any tile to access the underlying report.

Drill down to gain new insights

Use the tree map to quickly see a view of all the events generated by servers and the distribution across the severity of levels. See which servers are affected the most by each type of event.

Ask questions, get answers

If you ask, "What is my uptime % by date?" you'll get a stunning, interactive visualization as an answer. With Power BI, you ask questions in natural language and get the right charts and graphs as your answer.

Experience your data. Any data.

Connect to what matters to you. Excel spreadsheets, on-premises data sources, big data, streaming data, and cloud services: it doesn't matter what type of data you want or where it lives, connect to hundreds of data sources with Power BI. More sources added monthly.

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By clicking Use it free, you agree to the Power BI Terms of Service