Northwest Cadence - Modern Marketing: The Intersection of IT and Marketing

Northwest Cadence helps companies design and execute Modern Marketing efforts to predict customer behavior and improve pipeline generation. Through a collection of interactive visualizations and machine learning tools, our customers have the ability to analyze marketing efforts and predict the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in real time.

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The Intersection of IT and Marketing

At Northwest Cadence, we feed various forms of data into predictive models to forecast customer behavior and improve pipeline generation. As part of our Modern Marketing solution we create interactive visualizations giving you deeper insights into your marketing efforts.

You are presented with an opportunity requiring a new marketing campaign. You want to use your company’s data to analyze past marketing efforts in order to make the most of this new opportunity. The only problem is, like most organizations, your company struggles with an inefficient and unwieldy reporting solution. This makes it difficult to decipher the data; leaving you with unanswered questions, such as:
  • Which regions are consistently under-performing or over-performing? Why?
  • What is the estimated revenue a marketing campaign will bring in? What is the return on investment for that campaign?
  • Which customers can we expect to gain from a marketing campaign? What is the projected value of the new customer?
  • Who are my top salespeople and managers?
  • What type of interaction should I have with my customers? 

Northwest Cadence uses Power BI and sophisticated Machine Learning techniques to deliver amazing insights that enhance your internal CRM data. By pairing external data sources with the information you already capture, we create intuitive and actionable visualizations that allow you and your marketing teams to analyze and project the impact of future marketing efforts. Now, you can easily:
  • Visually drill down and slice geographic data on an interactive dashboard. 
  • Identify customers and revenue that resulted from each marketing effort.
  • Employ machine learning to estimate revenue and contrast the prediction with actual revenue.
  • Analyze return on investment metrics for different types of marketing campaigns.
  • Breakdown and analyze sales revenue by salesperson, manager, and location.
  • Use data captured in your CRM tool to feed Machine Learning algorithms that will suggest the “Next Best Action” a salesperson should take to complete a sale.

The ability to evaluate and predict outcomes of marketing efforts allows your organization to compete in the modern marketplace. Northwest Cadence specializes in transforming data into actionable and automated insights with advanced analytics and interactive Power BI visualizations.

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