Program Framework - EU Exit Project Dashboard for UK Central Government

The UK policy to leave the European Union following the referendum has resulted in over 300 workstreams to be delivered by a wide range of government departments. This dashboard provides full visibility of workstreams, their key milestones and associated data items, in accordance with reporting standards mandated by government.

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In June 2016 the UK government announced its policy to leave the European Union following the referendum. By the following summer it had established over 300 workstreams that needed to be planned and delivered by a wide range of government departments, all reporting to the newly established DExEU (Department for Exiting the European Union). 

Program Framework has created this template governance dashboard to provide full visibility of workstreams (termed “Issues”), their key reporting milestones and associated data items. The data is sourced from a pre-configured Microsoft Project Online data model, which is designed to comply with reporting standards mandated by DExEU.

Dashboards provide a wide range of features:

  • A list of all workstreams with alerts indicating delays or non-compliance
  • Categorisation and tagging of workstreams delivers rich filtering options
  • Each workstream has key reporting milestones that are categorised, such as Decision, Operational or Interdependency milestones
  • Milestones are monitored and reported with deadline dates and status
  • Project risks are reported and analysed at portfolio and project level
  • The portfolio list view offers drill-through to a full status report of a selected workstream

This solution is aimed at EU Exit teams within departments. Often these teams struggle to deliver reports efficiently, to both internal stakeholders and DExEU. This pre-configured, templated solution allows for a rapid transformation of planning and reporting processes. It has the flexibility to be configured and adapted with little effort, allowing for it to be adjusted to changing requirements – a key quality in light of the complexity and uncertainty inherent in the journey to delivery.

Where it has been implemented, users have benefited from significant efficiency gains with many man hours saved by avoiding manual report creation. This has freed up resources to focus on the maturity of process and data quality. Reports are available instantly, allowing for much improved governance and decision making.

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