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RAPid, running on Azure, is a ready-to-use analytics resource center that provides you with all the necessary self-service tools and apps to quickly collect, integrate, cleanse and enrich data for visualization and analysis in real-time.

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The hugely popular RAPid Cloud Analytics Platform makes it easy for the business user to access and personalize data without relying on your already stretched IT department. Once you have started analyzing data, you can make improvements by adding your knowledge, such as classifying it right then and there. You don’t even need to buy, build or maintain the infrastructure in order to do all of this because we deliver analytics as-a-service. All of your colleagues have complete visibility of data that’s easy to get at, interact and manage in real-time.  

Unified and personalized, your data is now ready to perform. Discover how easy it is to extend your reporting abilities and explore new opportunities. When you want more insights, simply add more data.


Rosslyn Analytics is the innovative data technology company behind the popular RAPid than just visualization. Our platform enables you to gather and store your data in one centralized location, so you can search, classify and improve data quality in order to make it useful and relevant in real time.

RAPid is your ready-to-use analytics resource center with apps and self-service tools for everyone.Developed with ease-of-use and speed in mind, users of RAPid are able to generate a return-on-investment in just eight weeks simply by having complete visibility in days and not months. This accelerated time to value is possible because Rosslyn Analytics’ platform incorporates Microsoft Azure’s cutting edge technology.Having taken the time and the care to ensure your data is integrated, cleansed and enriched with additional information, you can now appreciate its value by gaining true insights that were previously unavailable.

Clear, impactful visualization of your data enables you to easily identify, assess and act on opportunities and risks in moments.

The platform enables:

  • An overall spend performance synopsis Insight for you and your team

  • KPIs and metrics at a glance

  • Data the way you want to see it

  • Best analytics practice

  • Maximum opportunities, minimal risk

The Spend Analytics Dashboard is complimented by a growing library of pre-built dashlets that can be clicked and dragged onto your own personal canvas to create the view specific to your needs. For procurement teams, this means greater cost savings and more control over compliance and risk management concerns. Visualization without quality data is meaningless. It’s why the largest organizations trust Rosslyn Analytics to propel business growth and transformation.

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