Velosio - Microsoft Dynamics GP Analytical Dashboards

User-friendly, interactive dashboards for delivery of over 40 visualizations of current Dynamics GP data providing access to information needed to make critical business decisions.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Analytical Dashboards

Velosio (formerly Socius) analytical dashboards are driven by PowerBI, Microsoft’s cloud-based business intelligence solution to provide instant views of your financial, sales, operations and other crucial indicators that directly influence your organizations performance.
-         Identify your top sales person(s) by week/month/year
-         Set short and long-term performance goals through specified Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
-         Quickly access your customer sales volumes and gross margin percentages
-         Gain insights on sales trends and success strategies that work with customers
-         Access and analyze territory net sales by month/year
-         View gross profit margins, operating profit and net profit margin data
-         Pinpoint outstanding payables by set payment targets
-         Review accounts receivable in a dashboard by aging and balance owed
-         View entire scope of your operations environment
-         Monitor inventory levels by location and by product
-         Track order shipments, returns and inventory levels
-         Identify issues within the supply chain in real time
With PowerBI you can create an organization that is constantly adapting and that embraces the changing market place to stay one step ahead of the competition. BI is not centered on data warehouses, but instead focuses on creating a learning organization, constantly aware of what your business has done in the past and using that information to help you plan for the future.
Your remote sales team, customer service, and marketing teams need access to the same CRM or ERP data that your accounting and finance teams in the back office have. BI tools break down those barriers so all users have the same knowledge and can easily make decisions based on important information. Why expend countless resources and time for information sharing when you have a resource that can integrate data and share insights cross functionally? Your whole business will benefit through the innovative approach in the collection and sharing of information across your organization.

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