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Hexaware Technologies has developed a highly skilled Power BI competency pool over the years. We have 100+ Power BI consultants. This group of consultants follow a collaborative approach where a knowledge pool has been created by them to remain updated with all the new and cool features of Power BI.

 Our team have been leveraging Power BI to build interactive dashboards for clients enabling them to have a 360° view of their customers, services and products in sectors such as education, passenger airways, manufacturing, CPG, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, professional services, etc. Hexaware is on a mission to transform the experience of our customer’s customer by enabling them deliver personalized services. Using Power BI’s powerful visualization charts and representations, we have tried to give the business users a complete picture of their business performance by tracking their KPI’s, identify the issues and problems faced, areas that need improvement, etc.

Leveraging our expert team of Power BI consultants and industry experts we have delivered powerful solutions such as Customer feedback analysis for one of the leading passenger airlines in India measuring the performance of their service delivery by capturing the data from all the touchpoints they had with the customer right from booking a flight, onboarding it and the in-flight experience. Using Power BI, we tracked the customer ratings for each of their services and identify the areas of improvement. The right KPI’s were identified for different roles to track how they have fared on the identified parameters. The solution enabled them to improve their NPS significantly.

For the Internal Systems group of a leading professional services company, we have developed dashboards and reports for the top-level management and CEO. Based upon the role, a single dashboard was developed that tracked their KPI’s and the performance of their unit. This enabled all the members of their management council to keep an eye on their business. Since Power BI possess the capability to develop optimized dashboards for various devices such as desktops, tablets and mobiles, it enabled the business users to track their performance any time. This enabled the organization to have a real-time reporting capability saving time and efforts of the senior management. Hexaware was also awarded the CIO 100 award for the year 2018 for implementing this solution.

Other success stories include customer retention analysis for a leading health and fitness service providers in UK. All the members were clustered into 4 buckets based upon their age and average monthly income and the clustered members are segmented into 4 quadrants based on the retention strategy devised for each segment. Clustering for the customer segmentation was done through R engine using k-means clustering. The segments are Young and rich, Young with average income, Middle aged with average income, Middle aged and rich. The objective of the dashboard is to track the high risk and high value members at each club so that the club manager can actively intervene when the member checks into the club and when their renewal is near. Members with a high-risk score were given personal attention and contacted to understand the issues and problems faced by them, resolve those issues and push them to renew their membership. The cases are entered, tracked and closed in the CS module of club management system. Retention trends were tracked monthly. The metrics tracked included no. of new members added, cancelled members and saved members to calculate the total no. of renewals. This enabled them to retain a significant number of members every month.

The other works where we have received praise and appreciation from our customers include developing customer and product 360° dashboards for a leading e-commerce company, campaign analysis dashboard for a pharma company, Alumni network dashboard for universities, product level dashboard for a leading CPG firm, etc.

Hexaware is highly focused in developing capabilities around self-service Business Intelligence tools to deliver the best BI solutions to its clients. Power BI is our preferred platform in delivering these solutions.

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