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Invexstar Consulting Services

We are an analytics company focusing on improving business decisions using data analytics and business intelligence solutions. Our tailor-made Power BI solutions have helped many organizations make data driven decisions. 

Our Areas of Expertise are:

  • Complete Enterprise BI Implementation
  • Proof of Concept Implementation
  • BI Architecture Design
  • Power App Development 

Our Services:

1. Marketing Analytics

  • Sequentially capturing and assimilating data from multiple systems
  • Curating business dashboards and data visualizations that clearly illustrate results

Subsequently, allying the What’s and the How’s can truly utilize your company’s marketing data. Yet, this procedure demands strategic proficiency. Our experienced marketing analytics at ABC offers a holistic and optimized approach essential to cater to your needs!

Measure and improve your marketing analytics with Invexstar

Marketing analytics can lend an overview of your previous business insights, which is instrumental to every marketing team. Also, our services offer lead generation and advertising strategies to obtain tangible results.

Invexstar works with your organization to provide you the following:

      Analyze marketing efforts and exhibit objectives and goals.

      Determine the data and precisely measure the results. Thereby helping with data management.

      Quote data from sources and transform it as per your business.

      Form close-knit association with your team and ensure legitimate data collection.

      Construct dashboards and visuals, such as pie charts that adequately communicate results. This includes displaying both - areas of progress and opportunities for further development.

      Use predictive analytics to predict customer behavior.

      Aid you to protect your user’s privacy and safeguard the data.

At Invexstar, our skilled marketing analytics consultants harness you to devote your marketing capital to exclusive campaigns, with the help of customized marketing analytics solutions. Additionally, we help you maximize your pre-existing resources and enhance your overall marketing ROI. Also, we blend real-world business intelligence and data science capabilities to derive useful information for your business.

2. Dashboard Consulting

Dashboard consulting helps you create the right dashboard that helps you with:

  • Insight into your business
  • Identifying Performance Indicators
  • Exploring Areas of Improvement
  • Building informed decisions based on facts
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving Profits

Dashboard Consulting delivered by Invexstar

At Invexstar, our dashboard consulting services leverage executive dashboard practices to help you prioritize, plan, and support your decisions with facts. Additionally, we help your business identify upcoming opportunities and systematize your operations. Our key aim is to display key metrics in a streamlined fashion that ensures predictable business outcomes.

With our exceptional dashboard consultants, you can meet all your statutory compliance requirements. Also, you can manage data security without the dire need to hire a marketing assistant for your data transfer.

We, at Invexstar, provide customizable dashboarding services that allow uninterrupted monitoring of your business analytics and facilitates sharing specific sets of data with team members. Additionally, we provide services to help your company obtain a rigid grasp of your data. Regardless of the magnitude of your organization and the data-source, we possess a dynamic team of analysts that help your business evolve! 

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