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PS Financials (PSF) is the proven financial management solution for all types of Academies, used by 67% of Multi Academy Trust Schools and 45% of all Academies in the UK. PSF are leaders in Accounting, Purchasing, Budgeting and Reporting Software within the education sector, our system integrates with all leading MIS, Payroll, HR and Payment systems to form a central hub for finance management and intelligence, serving the education sector for over 15 years.

We have listened to our 2,900+ Academy customers who need to combine their disparate data sets, to drive financial health and efficiency in their organisation, and developed PS Analytics.

Our experience in supporting complex and disparate organisations to share, process and understand data means we have the expertise to connect your school’s or trust’s systems. This expertise, and the support of Microsoft and their Power BI solution, means we can produce software that does what you need it to and is easy and attractive to use.



PS Financials has launched PS Analytics - the first software application that enables schools and MATS, to generate the sophisticated information they need to make informed efficiency savings – and thrive in a climate of ever tightening budgets. Using this unique tool, education establishments can combine, format and analyse raw data from disparate systems that include financial, HR, MIS and pupil information – and measure costs, versus performance.  Armed with this meaningful insight, they can understand the key elements of value for money; economy, efficiency and effectiveness – and better utilise ever-stretching resources - to achieve optimal results. 


Discover the impact of investment vs. return

PS Analytics enables education establishments to understand the impact of investment vs. return - when compared to progress, attainment levels and effectiveness of interventions. This means that central teams, leaders and financial managers can finally solve major challenges that include; relating staff cost and deployment - with outcomes, calculating and understanding real value for money – as well as benchmarking across a multi-academy trust.


Create analysis scenarios

Analysis scenarios could include; comparisons across different departments, Academies in a MAT - or even between similar geographic regions. Another scenario could be combining timetable and financial data to understand the true cost of the curriculum. This will help improve the utilisation of resources – and ultimately ensure that higher levels of educational performance are achieved.


Visualise your data like never before

PS Analytics is easy to use and it employs familiar tools, such as Excel, for querying vast datasets. Visualisations can also be generated and presented as reports and dashboards - making it simple to get answers, and achieve better decisions – faster. The solution is also cloud-based, allowing users from all locations to access the same data as they need it - whilst providing the capacity to scale as this requirement increases.    


“UK education establishments are increasingly facing the challenge of utilising increasing amounts of data, spread across a growing range of system silos. Our analytics solution enables this information to be combined, digested, and understood. Using data-based evidence, value can then be extracted and used, so all types of education establishments can gain new insights and foresights that aid forward planning to create both opportunities and avoid future problems.” Will Jordan, Education Sector Manager at PS Financials.


“Leaders across MATs, SATs and schools face an estimated 8-9% increase in costs – whilst operating in a climate of budget pressures. They have to make increasingly tough, efficiency-related, decisions - without possessing data-based insight to support their judgement. We therefore welcome technology innovations, such as PS Analytics, that will provide crucial data intelligence to both support and challenge leadership intuition” Tom Clark, Chair of Board at Freedom and Autonomy for Schools - National Association.

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