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Connect to hundreds of data sources, and visualize all your data with live dashboards and reports. Then share insights across your organization to fuel intelligent action.

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Foster collaboration among every user in every role. Build reports with colleagues and share insights with other Power BI Pro users across your organization.

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Deploy easily and onboard your team quickly. Power BI Pro integrates with the Microsoft solutions you already use, like Office 365, SharePoint, Excel and Teams.

Publish and consume content anywhere

Distribute insights any time, anywhere, on any device in just a few clicks.  And when it’s time to scale, add flexibility with Power BI Premium.

Govern securely

Manage user access and security from one central place. No more wrangling business intelligence solutions scattered throughout different teams across your organization.

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Discover why Power BI emerged as the lowest-cost BI solution across all company sizes tested in this comparative study from Frost & Sullivan.