Bring your story to life with data

You have an idea. You have the data. Power BI brings it to life. Power BI publish to web lets you create data stories with amazing interactive visualizations and publish them to your blog or website in minutes.

Craft your data story

Use any data, from hundreds of sources to easily create compelling, interactive visualizations. Customize your visuals to fit your brand and your audience.

Tell your story online

Publish your interactive data story with a few clicks. Easily embed it in your blog or website. Reach unlimited views on any device.

Own your story and your data

Edit, update, or refresh visualizations easily. Choose when and what you share—and what you don’t. Un-share them in a single click whenever you want.

See publish to web in action

Our partners use Power BI to combine data sources, create stunning visualizations, and embed data stories. Visit these featured partners to see what publish to web could look like on your site.

Data stories are easy to share

The Power BI community is telling data stories everyday showing their creativity, passion, and skill. See how they’re using pubish to web to share their stories and reach new audiences in the Power BI Data Stories Gallery.

Data journalism made easy

If you’re a journalist, blogger, or content marketing professional you’re awash with data. Power BI provides you a set of tools and services to jump start you data journalism practice, leverage modern data tools to share insights, and provides you a set of resoures to help you tell better data stories.

Who is using Publish to web

A broad set of organziations is using Publish to web to tell data stories. Here are a few examples of what you can do with Power BI Publish to web.

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