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Calculate Table based on slicer option

hi there,   Need help. I have a table 1 with 2 values   - option 1  - option 2      Another table 2 with following values   - slicer 1 - slicer 2 -...

Re: No pro trial extension message

Hi,   I have accidentally dismissed the pro-trial extension when the table pop-out. Kindly advise action needed from my side in order to extend the pro-trial.   Thanks.   Best r...

Re: Two tables, two of the same slicers from each table respectively, how to reduce to one filter on

@awu3639 Why don't you join the two tables on the common columns and have a single segment slicer and time slicer.

can Power BI damage/change Active Directory data?

The IT dept mentioned how critical is Active Directory since it operates as the backbone for everything else and very protective on which services connect to it.   Is there any way that Power ...

Re: How to maximize table

@pect Try increasing the Font Size for the values and column headers. And then expand/maximize your table. This might help you.   Regards, PXG08680

Re: Lookup maximum value based on chosen period

@v-sihou-msft   I've tried many variations on your code but the passing of the "parameters(filters)" never seems to go through. Even if i take away the allexcept to avoid issues there, nothing...

Re: Max value of time window

Hi @kadapavel   Please see attached file here.  

Re: SSAS calculated measure shown incorrect with Parent-child dimension

Thank you for reply, Unfortunately it didn't solve the problem. Thanks again, Michael

Re: Error when downloading Workspace's App

Hi @v-qiuyu-msft, @Vicky_Song   What is the best way to share the Fiddler file with you? Is there an email to send this directly to you?

Re: To calculate the total dynamically

Thanks for your help and time!!  

Re: Error with SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR: an invalid numeric representation of a date value was encountered

@vanessa,   Based on my test, this can be caused by an invalid datetime value that exceeds the year 9999.

Re: Calculate average, std for each category

Yes, I created a relationship between the two table in Power BI

Re: PowerBI Matrix View - Can't Sort the Column

@starmoonknight wrote: Hi Dat,   I can sort the column value (both individual fields and grant total) by simply clicking the column heading. I'm using PBI desktop   Cheers, Oliv...

Re: Aggregations Not Working As Expected at Group Level

I have been trying to figure out how to do that. I have not found a helpful forum post yet or see a button for me to select in order to accomplish. I have a pro version. Any suggestions? I will ...


Many thanks for your help.  I will give this a go this afternoon.  Unfotunately, my company's web security policy has blocked access to the attachment, so I will have to get this sorted out...

Trouble loading Access file to Power BI

I am very new to Power BI.  I am trying to do Lab1.  When I try to load the first file, the Access file I get an error message and I do not know how to continue.  Can someone please he...

Re: Embed Report to SharePoint

I found the issue. I was publishing to a different workspace that wasn't the workspace that was created for the sharepoint. Or at least, when I did publish from Power BI Desktop to the sharepoint wor...

Re: How to define date ranges in DISTINCTCOUNT measures

Hi Yuliana,   Thank you for your code. Unfortunately I think that your code for lapsing customers (last purchased three or four years ago) double counts customers who also bought in the active...

Re: How to sort stacked column chart in Power BI desktop?

Hi @Let, The sort " The longest bar first"  is available if the x-axis is type of Text. How can I make it work even with numbers (for consistency) ? (Besides, if x-axis is...

Re: Embed Report to SharePoint

Hi @weir075,   A user must have access to both the SharePoint Online site as well as the Power BI Report to view the report.  In other words, the user must have access to the...

Re: visualizations pane and fields pane is not displaying in power bi desktop report view

I have installed the latest version (Version: 2.52.4921.581 64-bit (November 2017))  now, but still the same issue, cant see visualizations and fields pane. Please suggest me other idea.

Re: selecting visual segmentaton with if

@gjloureiro wrote: I work with 8 bd with sql and one connection, with different relationships and many data, sales, maintenance, equipment ... All the relationships between the tables I test coul...

Re: Query SSAS get error when importing data

Hi @GrahamR99,   Please execute the same MDX query in SSMS to check whether it can return correct records.   Regards, Yuliana Gu

Re: Data sharing between 2 (own) custom visuals

@blumi78,   As far as I know, this is still one of the limitations.