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Now in Preview – Get quick insights into your QuickBooks Online account data

Whether you are starting your own business or a well-established small business owner, you are likely using QuickBooks , the most common accounting solution for small business owners. If so, Power BI provides an easy and better way to visualize your business…

Monitor your Azure SQL Database Auditing activity with Power BI

Azure SQL Database Auditing logs tracks database events, enabling you to retain, report and analyze the activities in the instances you monitor. These logs can be used to help gain insight into discrepancies and anomalies that could indicate business…

Monitor and track your SendGrid email delivery stats using Power BI

SendGrid is an incredibly powerful “Email Infrastructure in the Cloud” platform. If you use SendGrid as a means for reaching your customers via email, then it is very easy to use Power BI as a means of monitoring and analyzing your email deliverability…

6 New Updates to the Power BI Designer Preview

Try what’s coming next for Power BI! This week we are releasing a new version of the Power BI Designer Preview . This update is packed with lots of new things for you to try: from new connectors, transformations and Report view features to significant…

Can we share items between Tenants?

NOTE: Information listed here is good as of 3/6/2015 and is subject to change. There has been confusion with the new Power BI Public Preview and Sharing. Currently, the only item that can be shared is the Dashboard. People have asked if they can just…

Tech Tip Thursday: authentication with Analysis Services live connections

In this week’s Tech Tip Thursday, our own Guy in a Cube breaks out his whiteboard to talk about how authentication works with Analysis Services via the Power BI Gateway – Enterprise. He outlines setting up your data source in the enterprise gateway, and how to ensure that your user and your domain are correctly configured in Analysis Services and Active Direcory with the credentials needed to access your data in Power BI.

Webinar 5/31: DAX best practices from the field, by Paul Turley

In this week’s Power BI Community Webinar Series, presenter Paul Turley explores DAX fundamentals, and goes into some tips and tricks for defining and using KPIs and natural language to get insights from your data. Join us on May 31 at 1:00 p.m. PT!

Power BI gateways – May Update

This release includes support for new data sources and an update to the UPN Mapping feature.

Deep Dive into Query Parameters and Power BI Templates

Two of the new features in the Power BI Desktop April Update are Query Parameters and Power BI Template files. In this blog post, we will take a deeper look at the new capabilities and scenarios that these two features enable in Power BI.

2 Dashboard Makeover tips to improve your visuals

On May 12, 2016, the Power BI team held the first live Dashboard Makeover, and it turned out to be one of our most popular webinars of the year! If you missed it live, the Dashboard Makeover webinar is available in its entirety on-demand, and we’ve got a few highlights from the presentation.

Secure and Audit Power BI in Your Organization

Today we are announcing two features to assist organizations meet their security and compliance requirements as they deploy Power BI. First, Power BI now supports Azure AD Conditional Access to…

Get hands-on with intelligent technologies at the Microsoft Data Science Summit

On September 26–27, the Microsoft Data Science Summit will host an interactive event on the disruptive technologies and innovative solutions in big data, advanced analytics, and machine learning.

Webinars for the week of 8/14: R for the Masses and Using Power BI to Build Financial Dashboards

Power BI webinars for the week of 8/14 are two of the most requested topics: R and Financial Dashboards.

Connect and analyze Power BI data directly from Excel, with the July update of Power BI publisher for Excel

The July update of Power BI publisher for Excel adds the ability to connect to data in Power BI and analyze it in Excel using Pivot tables and charts.

Webinars for June 27-30: introducing Flow and PowerApps, and Marco Russo on why you need to learn DAX

We’re finishing up June with a fantastic pair of webinars! Discover DAX in Power BI and why you need to learn it, and how to leverage Microsoft PowerApps to get the most out of your data.

Power BI Best Visual Contest – 1st People’s Choice Award!

by Amir Netz, Technical Fellow Wow what a couple of weeks since we announced the Power BI Best Visual Contest . We’re excited to announce the first People’s Choice Award for the Power BI Best Visual contest goes to Bullet Chart by SQLBI…

What’s new on the Power BI Mobile apps?

We are glad to announce another batch of updates to Power BI Mobile apps, including iOS, Android and Windows apps! If you haven’t heard a lot from us lately it’s because we have been working hard to improve our apps experience, performance…

[Webinar] Creating Reports for Power BI Using Power BI Desktop

08/24 Update : This webinar has been re-scheduled for September 3rd at 10AM PT. This Thursday we will have the Power BI Deep Dive Webinar – Content Packs and Direct Query webinar with Theresa Palmer at 10AM PT. Sorry for the inconvenience. Join Power…

PowerBI-visuals is open for contributions

Do you want to ship your innovation and code as part of a new Microsoft product? Then read on! A few weeks ago , we open sourced the visuals we ship in Power BI placing them on GitHub. The repo, Microsoft/PowerBI-visuals , gives you everything you…

[Webinar] Content Packs and Direct Query

Join Power BI Program Manager Theresa Palmer to learn about Power BI content packs and direct query capabilities. Power BI offers a variety of ways to easily connect and explore data that is important to you. Power BI comes with out-of-box content…

Demystifying Power BI Q&A – Part 1

Introduction By now, you’ve probably seen a demo of Power BI Q&A and may have played with one of our sample models. So at this point, you’re probably thinking one of two things: Either you’re amazed by how smart the system is…

How Condé Nast is Getting Better Insight into Consumer Behavior

Recently Quentin Clark announced the general availability of Power BI for Office 365 . In the blog post, one of the key issues highlighted is the importance of reach. In order for customers to get deeper value from data, more people in an organization…

Go Seahawks! From the Power BI Team

With the NFL Championship games just around the corner, we wanted to pay tribute to the Seahawks and their long and winding road to the NFC Championship game against the 49ers this Sunday. The following video was created by our team from publicly-available…

An Excel and Power BI-inspired "Santa Baby" Jingle for your Christmas Cheer

In honor of the holiday today, one of loyal Excel and Power BI lovers, Santa Monica-based Excel Consultant Szilvia Juhasz belts out this Power Pivot/Excel version of the classic “Santa Baby”. Thanks to Mr. Excel, Bill Jelen for sharing this…