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Demystifying Power BI Q&A – Part 1

Introduction By now, you’ve probably seen a demo of Power BI Q&A and may have played with one of our sample models. So at this point, you’re probably thinking one of two things: Either you’re amazed by how smart the system is…

How Condé Nast is Getting Better Insight into Consumer Behavior

Recently Quentin Clark announced the general availability of Power BI for Office 365 . In the blog post, one of the key issues highlighted is the importance of reach. In order for customers to get deeper value from data, more people in an organization…

Go Seahawks! From the Power BI Team

With the NFL Championship games just around the corner, we wanted to pay tribute to the Seahawks and their long and winding road to the NFC Championship game against the 49ers this Sunday. The following video was created by our team from publicly-available…

An Excel and Power BI-inspired "Santa Baby" Jingle for your Christmas Cheer

In honor of the holiday today, one of loyal Excel and Power BI lovers, Santa Monica-based Excel Consultant Szilvia Juhasz belts out this Power Pivot/Excel version of the classic “Santa Baby”. Thanks to Mr. Excel, Bill Jelen for sharing this…

Sharing and Discovering Queries Using Power Query and Power BI

In conjunction with Power BI for Office 365, Power Query offers a set of capabilities for sharing and discovering queries within your organization. In this blog post, we will look into the specific details for how this works. Sharing a query Let’s…

Power BI Service Announcement: Power View Forecasting Offline for Maintenance

The Power View forecasting feature is currently offline for maintenance as the team is working to fix a stability issue. The feature will be reimplemented once the issue is fixed – please continue to visit PowerBI.com for timing updates. Try…

Excel Power Map November Update

Today we announced the Power Map November update , that adds a new feature requested by many Power Map users: the ability to play any tour directly from any scene . Before this update, if you wanted to check how a specific scene looked, you would have…

Excel Power Map December Update

Today we announced the new Power Map December Update that includes improved performance for geocoding, increased accuracy for the Auto Fit feature in custom maps, and the option of selecting all items when filtering. For more details on how to use this…

Use Power Query To Draft A Fantasy Football Team

Fantasy football draft season is here, and the UX test lead for Power Query, Ben Martens , thought that picking his fantasy team seemed like an interesting test case for Power Query . Here it is how he did it in his own words: There’s a lot of…

Worldwide Demographics & Statistics using Power Query and Power View

Last week, we announced Power BI for Office 365 at the Worldwide Partner Conference. Sign up now to be notified when the Power BI Preview becomes available. We also announced that Microsoft Power Query for Excel has reached General availability and…

Try the latest Power Query update!

Last month we announced the General Availability of Microsoft Power Query for Excel , and today we are excited to introduce a new quality update. Power Query is supported for your production scenarios and we will continue to deliver updates that provide…

Announcing the New Personalize Visuals Experience for Power BI Reports

This month we are incredibly excited to announce a new visual personalization feature to allow your end-users to explore and personalize visuals all within the consumption view of a report! Check out the full blog post to learn more.

Announcing the new sharing experience

We’re excited to announce a new sharing experience that allows sharing reports via links. Previously in the old experience, we supported sharing reports by granting direct access. For the new experience, reports can be shared via links in addition to direct access sharing.

How to do multivariate reporting with Power BI

What is Multivariate Reporting and when is it helpful? Multivariate Reporting (also known as Small Multiples) uses a series of visuals with the same measure and same scales but showcases various partitions of the data. The benefit is that you can allow your report consumers to easily compare the same measure across dimensions and all … Continue reading “How to do multivariate reporting with Power BI”

New card visual | Public preview

Power BI Desktop has a new card visual that allows users to display multiple cards in a single container with full control over each card’s components. It supports multiple fields and offers refined formatting settings.

Deep dive into Power BI Desktop Developer Mode (Preview)

We are pleased to announce the public preview of a Power BI Desktop Developer Mode, which offers a new save option to your Power BI developers that unblock source control and CI/CD best practices

New Tenant Setting Notifications and GetTenantSettings API

Today, we have some exciting news to share with you – the introduction of a new Power BI admin API that allows you to conveniently access all tenant settings in a single call.

Datasets are now in Power BI Mobile apps. You can now refresh your datasets also when you’re on the go.

Power BI Mobile apps now support Datasets. So you can view dataset details, refresh status and get notified when something is wrong with the scheduled refresh. And… you can also trigger a new refresh – all from your mobile app!

Announcing data gateway support for Single Sign-On (SSO) with Azure Active Directory

We are excited to announce General Availability (GA) for Single Sign-On (SSO) through the data gateway to cloud data sources that rely on Azure Active Directory (AAD)-based authentication. In addition to Kerberos-based and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)-based SSO to on-prem data sources, you can now get seamless AAD SSO connectivity to Azure-based data sources, such as Azure Synapse Analytics (SQL DW), Azure Data Explorer, Snowflake on Azure, and Azure Databricks through an on-premises data gateway.

Dataset backup and restore performance just got a lot better

Today, we’re happy to announce significant performance improvements to backup and restore operations for datasets in Power BI. Our benchmark tests with 1GB, 5GB, and 10GB datasets show backups can now be completed up to 22 times faster than before, and the time required for restore operations can also be reduced by more than 30%.

Improving Power BI performance when querying multidimensional models

Starting with SQL Server 2019 Cumulative Update (CU) 5, DAX-based clients such as Power BI can use SuperDAX functions and query patterns against multidimensional models to boost query performance.

Duplicating workspaces by using Power BI cmdlets

By using the Power BI management cmdlets, you can automate typical user and administration tasks with significantly less effort and complexity than with direct Power BI REST API calls. To illustrate this point, let’s take a look at Sirui’s original copyWorkspace.ps1 script, published in 2017 for the “Duplicate workspaces using the Power BI REST APIs: … Continue reading “Duplicating workspaces by using Power BI cmdlets”

Introducing the Power BI Activity Log

We are excited to announce the availability of a new Power BI API called the activity log, which enables Power BI service admins to track user and admin activities within a Power BI tenant.

Tailoring help and support for Power BI users

To ensure employee productivity and satisfaction with Power BI, enterprise organizations develop comprehensive product training, bolster their help desks, and invest in helping their user communities with internal forums to share ideas and best practices. But it can be a challenge to educate users about the availability of these organizational resources. The exciting news is … Continue reading “Tailoring help and support for Power BI users”

On-premises data gateway October 2023 release

Welcome to October! We have a few new announcements this month, so be sure to read until the end! We are especially excited to announce a new PowerShell cmdlet for adding a gateway to an existing cluster.