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Re: Unable to Save or Open .pbix Documents

Hi @J_Greenwalt,   I notice you already open a MSSOLVE case 117110893071382. Please wait for the response from the case owner's response.    Best Regards, Qiuyun Yu

Re: Power Point Visual Timeout

Hey Dale,   1. No changes made 2. The report got 4 Pages, containing a lot of visual (4 per Page). All other visuals are exported 3.  The visual is a 100% stacked bar chart with 3 Measu...

Re: Female representation within total headcount, 6 months prior - dax formula

Hi,   Unfortunately that does not work, it returns blank.

Hidden columns visible after refresh

Hi,   Since the july 2017 version of Power BI Desktop we encounter that all columns that where marked as 'hidden', are 'unhidden' after a refresh of the data. Is there a setting we can change ...

Re: KPI showing incidents today vs yesterday, week and month

OK, the concept was to create that column and then you could create measures for you KPI's:   KPI_Today = CALCULATE(COUNT(),[DaysAgo]=0) KPI_Yesterday = CALCULATE(COUNT(

How to combine two line charts and a scatter plot ?

Hello fellow PowerBI users   I am trying to create a report to display my analysis result. To do this, I have four elements: - the result of analysis ( D ec) - the min toleranc...

Re: Tachometer Visual Display - Linear instead of circular

Hello @kurtdn   Does Linear Gauge by MAQ Software meet your requirements? If not, you might propose this idea at Tachometer's GitHub repository.   Ignat Vilesov, Software En...

Re: data collected at different time interval but shown as if at same time interval

Hi @v-huizhn-msft,   Thank you for your reply.   My point was, it the data are on e.g Aug 1st, Aug 10th and Sep 1st, can the distance between the dots have a horizontal distance that is...

Re: Scheduled refresh failure: An item with the same key - Merged queries

Hello @mgmeyer, I've sent you a private message including an example that reproduces the error. Thank you!

Re: Cannot add a property to Format->general

I found the issue by complete chance, Apparently type must not be false (I thought it was default value) in type in capabilities, so it must be defined like.   "sortByName": { ...

Re: How to group by a measure in a table?

@Vosaxalo, Create a new  table using DAX below. NewTable = var tem=SUMMARIZE(Table,Table[COD],"Measure Value",[Measure]) return SUMMARIZE(tem,Table[COD],[Measure Value],"measure coun...

Re: PowerBI desktop 64Bit oracle connection error Object reference not set to an instance of an obj

I was really hoping to get away with the XCOPY version as well, as all I need to do is set it up for use by the gateway and don't want to download and install GB's but so far unsuccessful. I get all ...

Re: How to get previous Nth record Value from the specific date

Hi @hnsbhat   Try this Measure for Close 1   Close 1= VAR Noofrecords = IF ( HASONEVALUE ( Table1[Dates] ), COUNTROWS ( FILTER ( ALLEXCEP...

Re: app.powerbi.com is down in the north europe

Hi All,   How is the issue now? "Http 500" error is usually temporary. I guess the Service goes well again. This couldn't be a frequent issue. If you still encounter this issue, please reply. ...

Re: Knowing the uncompressed dataset size on the gateway

Has someone found a way to know what's the actual size of the "uncompressed data"? I'm still getting the message even with datasets that are way smaller than others where I don't get it...

Re: dynamic "timeperiod" report filter.

Hi,   Share a dataset and show the expected result (numbers that you are expecting as results).

Re: Odata V4 Error. Couldn't parse OData response result.

Hi @v-shex-msft,   When NAV 2016 introduced OData V4 support they provided a seperate URL for the V4 published web service. The only difference is the "V4" on the end of OData in the URL ...

Re: Interest Rate -Weighted Average

The DAX-measure would look like this: WAvg:=SUMX(Table1,Table1[RATE]*Table1[PERIODE])/SUM([PERIODE]) here is how it works: https://powerpivotpro.com/2012/05/weighted-averages-another-use-of-sumx/

Cumulative (running) total working with filters

Hi All,   I have create a chart to capture 12 months running total of injuries. Chart works fine without filters. However, if you filter data by region/branch then caclulation stops at last re...

Re: To calculate the total dynamically

Hi,   Share the download link of your file.

Re: To calculate the total dynamically

Hi,   Thank you for your reply. My pbix file is having some private data.So is there any way to share it with you by hiding the data that is private?

Re: Pro License for viewing the dashboard

Hi @mkadavil   Please check this link: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/powerbi-service-share-unshare-dashboard/   It's necessary for both (Developer and cust...

Re: Power Bi as a reporting tool for our web app

Hi @randyminder   Sure, you can do this and more!  Please check this link: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/powerbi-developer-embed-sample-app-owns-data/ You ...

Re: sum words in multiple tables, how to?

Hi,   Using Query Editor, you can append data from both tables into a single one and then write this measure.   =COUNTROWS(Data[Names])   Hope this helps.