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Embedded analytics to embed Power BI content in your application for for government and sovereign clouds - Power BI

Learn how to integrate or embed, a report, dashboard, or tile into an application using the Power BI APIs for embedded analytics for your customers. Learn how to integrate Power BI into your application using embedded analytics software, embedded analytics tools, or embedded business intelligence tools.

Expression-based titles in Power BI Desktop - Power BI

Create dynamic titles in Power BI Desktop that change based on programmatic expressions, using conditional programmatic formatting

Self-service sign up help - Power BI

What to do if self-service sign up is disabled. Can't sign up for the Power BI service.

Connect to Analysis Services tabular data in Power BI Desktop - Power BI

With Power BI Desktop, you can connect to and get data from your SQL Server Analysis Services tabular models either by using a live connection or by selecting items to import into Power BI Desktop.

Add images, videos, and more to your dashboard - Power BI

Documentation on how to use the Add tile widget to add an image, video, text box, web code, and streaming data tile to a dashboard.

Connect to a Google BigQuery database in Power BI Desktop - Power BI

Easily connect to and use Google BigQuery in Power BI Desktop

Power BI and Azure egress - Power BI

Understand Azure egress charges and Power BI based on tenant location and Power BI Premium

Tutorial: Create a paginated report and upload it to the Power BI service - Power BI

In this tutorial, you connect to a sample Azure SQL database. Then you use a wizard in Report Builder to create a paginated report. Then you upload the paginated report to a workspace in a Premium capacity in the Power BI service.

Use DirectQuery with dataflows in Power BI (preview) - Power BI

Learn to use DirectQuery with dataflows in Power BI

Create an embedded dataset for a Power BI paginated report - Power BI

In this article, you learn how to create an embedded dataset, based on an embedded data source, for a paginated report in the Power BI service.


This article may help if you see this message, 'We encountered communication failures. The failures might be related to proxy settings on your Wi-Fi connection.'

Organizational content packs: Access and copy - Power BI

Read about creating copies of and troubleshooting access to organizational content packs in Power BI

Intro to organizational content packs in Power BI - Power BI

Read about packaging up your dashboards, reports, Excel workbooks, and datasets into organizational content packs you can share with your coworkers.

Power BI guidance documentation - Power BI

Power BI guidance documentation provides best practice information from the team that builds Power BI and the folks that work with our enterprise customers. Here you’ll find learnings to improve performance and success with Power BI. We’ll update and add to them as new information is available.

Connect to Azure Consumption Insights data in Power BI Desktop - Power BI

Easily connect to Azure and gain insights about consumption and usage using Power BI Desktop

Paginated reports in Power BI: FAQ - Power BI

This article answers frequently asked questions about paginated reports. These reports are highly formatted, pixel-perfect output optimized for printing or PDF generation.

Active vs inactive relationship guidance - Power BI

Guidance for using active or inactive model relationships.

Tutorial: Get started creating in the Power BI service - Power BI

Get started with the Power BI online service (app.powerbi.com)

Use quick measures for common and powerful calculations - Power BI

Quick measures provide ready-made DAX formulas that make quick work of common calculations.

On-premises data gateway sizing - Power BI

Guidance for working sizing the On-premises data gateway.

Dashboard data classification - Power BI

Learn about dashboard data classification, including how an Admin should set it up and how dashboard owners can change the classification.

Use an external Python IDE with Power BI - Power BI

You can launch and use an external IDE with Power BI

Get started with the Power BI mobile app for iOS - Power BI

Learn how the Microsoft Power BI mobile app for iOS app brings Power BI to your pocket, with mobile access to business information on premises and in the cloud.