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Known issue - Long running, failed or stuck dataflow in Power BI Premium - Power BI

A known issue is posted where you may encounter a long running, failed or stuck dataflow on Power BI Premium.

Connect to an Impala database in Power BI Desktop - Power BI

Learn how to connect to an Impala database in Power BI Desktop to use the underlying data just like you can with any other data source.

Report parameters in Power BI Report Builder - Power BI

Learn about common uses for Power BI Report Builder report parameters, the properties you can set, and much more.

Export reports to PDF - Power BI

Learn how to export a Power BI report to PDF.

Troubleshoot reports: Map reports in a Power BI paginated report - Power BI

Explore troubleshooting ideas for situations that can result when you customize, add a layer, or publish a paginated report with a map in Power BI Report Builder.

Use service principal profiles to manage customer data in multitenant apps - Power BI

Create, import, update, and assign multitenant workspaces in embedded analytics using service principal profiles.

Best practices for faster performance in Power BI embedded analytics - Power BI

This article provides recommendations for Power BI embedded analytics best practices for fast rendering.

High-contrast mode support in Power BI visuals - Power BI

Learn how to add high-contrast mode support to Power BI visuals, and see implemented image and code examples.

Introduction to use type utils in Power BI visual - Power BI

This article describes how to use SVG utils to extend the basic types for Power BI visuals.

Power BI embedded analytics assess load for capacity planning - Power BI

Learn how to plan your Premium capacity in Power BI embedded analytics.

Data analyst learning catalog - Power BI

Find all the training options for Power BI for data analysts, from most basic to most advanced

Understand and optimize dataflows refresh - Power BI

Learn how to use and optimize dataflow refreshes to get the best performance when you're working with your data in Power BI.

How to find your report server product key - Power BI

Learn how you can find your Power BI Report Server product key to install your server in a production environment.

Create report tooltip pages in Power BI - Power BI

Tooltip pages in Power BI let you create rich hover-based tooltips for visuals in your reports

View on-premises reports and KPIs in the Power BI mobile apps - Power BI

Learn how the Power BI mobile apps offer access to your on-premises business content in SQL Server Reporting Services and Power BI Report Server.

Generate data insights on your dataset automatically - Power BI

Learn how to get insights about your datasets and dashboard tiles.

Delete a dashboard, report, workbook, dataset, or workspace - Power BI

Learn how to delete almost anything from the Power BI service.

Create sparklines in a table or matrix in a report (preview) - Power BI

In Power BI, you can create sparklines in a table or matrix in a Power BI report. Sparklines are currently in preview.

Optimize a dashboard for mobile phones - Power BI

Learn how you can optimize a dashboard for mobile phones by creating a phone view with Power BI service.

Using slicers in the Power BI service - Power BI

A Power BI slicer is an alternate way of filtering that narrows the portion of the dataset shown in the other visualizations in a report.

Learn from customer Power BI migrations - Power BI

Learn from customers when migrating to Power BI.

Sensitivity labels troubleshooting - Power BI

Find guidance for resolving common issues related to sensitivity labels in Power BI.

Power BI implementation planning: Information protection and data loss prevention - Power BI

An introduction to the information protection and data loss prevention for Power BI articles.

How Microsoft established a Center of Excellence - Power BI

Learn how a Center of Excellence helped Microsoft create a standardized analytics and data platform to unlock insights with the right operating model, stakeholder engagement, and shared and dedicated investments.

One-to-one relationship guidance - Power BI

Guidance for developing one-to-one model relationships.