Accounts Receivable for SAP

Get started with your SAP Accounts Receivable reporting with these simple and intuitive Power BI dashboards designed by Simplement. Quickly and efficiently analyze your organization’s entire SAP AR environment at a glance and find the information you need to identify key problem areas.

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Accounts Receivable Reporting for SAP

With the Simplement powered SAP Accounts Receivable template you can quickly and easily analyze information for several critical AR reporting areas. Out of the box you can begin to analyze your entire SAP AR information.

Start immediately with pre-built reports that highlight common AR reporting needs:

  • An up-to-date summary view of your current total AR balance allowing you to immediately focus on problematic companies, customers and more.
  • Travel through time to analyze historic AR trends and point in time balances of problem areas found at the summary level.
  • Identify your top worst receivables where over 90 balances exceed certain thresholds.
  • Receivable aging buckets as a % of total to identify which customers or companies are overrepresented in certain areas like over 90, 1-30 etc.

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