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Service Outage/Degradation

No known issues: Power BI is running smoothly


Internet Explorer 11 users may experience issues with using line charts or combo/line charts that have the SVG Marker option turned on. The IE fix will be shipped with Windows Update in mid-August. As a workaround, users can temporarily disable line markers or use a different browser. Next Update @08/16/2018 17:00 PDT

Some users may experience intermittent issues with refreshing their SharePoint list queries. The issue is transient and customers may be able to mitigate their issue by refreshing again. Engineers are deploying a fix. Next update @ 08/14/2018 15:00 PDT

Users may experience issues with pinning tiles to dashboards or saving reports that contain imported images or custom theme files. Engineers are working on a fix. Next update @08/14/2018 11:00 PDT

Customers installing Data Gateway for the first time using the August version may see "Error 1920" during installation. Engineers are working on a fix. To work around the error, customers can do the following:
• Login as user with admin privileges
• Open ‘Local group policy editor’ by typing gpedit.msc in the "Run" prompt
• Navigate to Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> User Rights Assignment
• Open ‘Log on as a service’ policy
• Add ‘Everyone’ to the policy
• Installing now should solve the problem. ‘Everyone’ can be removed from policy after completing installation
Next Update @08/16/2018 17:00 PDT

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Top issues and questions

  1. What if my data isn't up to date?

    If your dashboards or reports aren't showing your latest data, here are some things to check.

    • Make sure you've set up refresh.
      Follow these instructions to set up scheduled refresh or start a one-time "refresh now".

    • Is your data stored in OneDrive?
      Power BI checks OneDrive for changes to your data once an hour. If you need the data sooner, you can click "REFRESH NOW", but only once every five minutes. Learn more about refresh for data in OneDrive.

    • Are your tiles out of date?
      Tiles for direct query data sources are refreshed once every ten minutes.

    • Troubleshooting data refresh.
      Common scenarios faced when refreshing data are listed here.

  2. I am having trouble connecting to my data.
  3. I am having trouble sharing a Power BI dashboard or report.
    • Collaborating with others in Power BI.
      Sharing dashboards and reports.

    • Troubleshooting shared content.
      See the “limitations and considerations” and “troubleshoot sharing” sections here.

  4. How do I administer Power BI in my organization?
  5. I need help signing up for Power BI

    If you get an error message when signing up for Power BI, please consult these common errors and workarounds.

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