Getting started with Power BI

Find insights within your data and share rich analytics reports by trying Power BI free within Microsoft Fabric.

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How to try Power BI for free

Create a free Microsoft Fabric account

Explore Power BI by trying Microsoft Fabric—a suite of analytics services now generally available.

Activate your free trial

Build, explore, and collaborate on Power BI reports by activating your free Microsoft Fabric trial.

Use Power BI on your desktop

Create reports faster using the added data connections and features available within the Power BI Desktop app.

Sharpen your Power BI skills

Get step-by-step guidance and explore key Power BI capabilities within Microsoft Fabric.

What you can do with Power BI

Share, interact, and collaborate on reports based on your data to find the insights, trends, and critical business intelligence you need.

1. Discover relevant reports

Sign up for Power BI to find and access any relevant content—including reports you already built and pre-existing reports from either your organisation or the Power BI community.

2. Uncover report insights

Explore your reports to find and generate the quick insights you need for better business decisions.

3. Share insights

Collaborate on reports with colleagues, then easily share the reports and insights when and how you want—in workspaces, on the web, in apps, or using Microsoft Teams.

With Power BI Desktop, you’ll easily connect to, model, and visualise your data to create reports that deliver insights for better decisions.

1. Connect to data

Easily import your data from wherever it is—Excel workbooks, local databases, or the cloud—and transform it so it’s ready to analyse.

2. Build a report

Now that you imported your data, create your data story. Use drag-and-drop functionality to create and format visuals that help present your data in compelling and insightful ways.

3. Publish your report

Get your reports—and the insights they highlight—to the people who need it most. Start using Power BI to save and publish reports.

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