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Power BI customers may experience inconsistencies in report visuals, such as overlapping/misaligned content or truncated text. Engineers have identified the root cause and an estimated time to mitigate will be provided shortly.
Power BI customers using Edge or Chrome V93 web browsers with the default page scale set to 100% may experience UI behavior issues when interacting with common web page controls, such as dropdown slicers, date pickers, or line charts. As a workaround, users can use the zoom setting of anything other than 100% which forces the browser to behave normally. Engineers have identified root cause, and an estimated time to mitigate will be provided shortly.
Note: For Power BI Embedded service status, click here.

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Power BI Pro

If you’re a Power BI Pro customer, support is included at no additional charge. Create a support ticket and we’ll get back to you soon. See Power BI Pro pricing.


Admin: If you're an administrator of your Power BI tenant, open a support ticket in the admin centre support portal.

National clouds

If you’re a national clouds customer, browse your options on the national clouds support page or search for answers and tips in the Power BI community.


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