We’ve released a new and improved navigation and content experience for Power BI, and we’re in the process of updating all of our documentation. The information and screenshots on this page may not match what you see on your screen. For more information see Navigating Power BI service.

View reports in the navigation pane

You can have more than one report-- as you add reports, their titles are added to your current Power BI workspace. Only one report can be open at a time.

Hover over and select a report to open it in the report editor.

From here you can do many things with your reports.

  1. Hover over and select a report to open it

  2. Open the report in Excel

  3. Get insights

  4. Review and edit report settings (including renaming)

  5. Delete a report

  6. Search the list of reports

  7. Sort the list of reports

For more information about reports

From the table of contents (on the left side of this browser page), expand Reports to see all the topics related to Power BI reports.

Tips and troubleshooting