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Agile BI - Automotive Industry

Marketing and sales team effectiveness enhanced by a Robust BI solution for a Vehicle Manufacturers using Power BI and SQL Server Tabular Cubes.

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Power BI for a Vehicle Manufacturer and Retailer

With a growing presence in Australia, a leading vehicle manufacturer was in need of a robust BI visualisation solution to support the sales and marketing team. It needed to be scalable, secure and deliverable in an agile manner. Able to meet all requirements, Agile BI was chosen as the vendor to deliver a solution using next generation Microsoft Power BI technology.

Key Challenge – Visualise Data and Self Service Data Discovery

The customer had been relying on a static Excel workbook as their source of data for reporting. Daily reporting activities started with numerous jobs to transform, cleanse and load the data into a Power Pivot enabled workbook, which then produced a set of fixed graphs and tables. The visualisation solution offered limited capability to explore and analyse the data, with no support for drill down capability to understand data at a deeper level. The business also found themselves confined by the limited delivery options offered which reduced their ability to communicate the findings and insights to decision makers.

Anytime and Anywhere Access

With next-generation BI delivered on the cloud and available on mobile devices, the sales and marketing team is now aware of the latest trends and have moved from reactive responses to proactive decision making based on real time data. More advanced and better targeted visualisations that drive action improved insights into the data. As data is now available anytime and anywhere, the decision cycle is much shorter and leads to better outcomes at a reduced cost.With the door opened to the mobile BI world, communicating key messages to upper management became much simpler as they were able to see the performance of the business at a glance wherever they are.This solution was achieved by using Power BI coupled with an on-premises In memory SSAS Tabular cube that was secured using the new Azure Active Directory Sync technology. This allowed corporate users to securely access this state of the art self-service BI and analytics platform with their current corporate domain Windows account.

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