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itelligent-i is the market leading data and analytics partner for large complex public sector organisations who want to become truly data-driven. 


itelligent-i has supported numerous large organisations implement Power BI and Microsoft Azure data services to deliver analytics in thousands of Power BI reports across all levels of organisation, using data combined from multiple source systems, and open data sources.  We support organisations to understand Power BI’s full feature and function set, and how to adopt the security model for all complex and sensitive data types.


All itelligent-i Analytics Consultants work with Power BI every day and hold a Power BI certificates from Microsoft, so you can be assured you’re getting the best advice and guidance for your implementations.  Our Analytics Director regularly presents at the Power BI User Groups across the UK and leads a team of dedicated experts.


itelligent-i has also developed it owns Power BI training course to provide in-depth knowledge transfer.  The courses are delivered by consultants who actively develop analytics in Power BI on a daily basis.


itelligent-i supports forward thinking organisations use data from inside and outside their organisation to solve major problems or redesign their services to meet changing business needs.  Our expertise includes Health, Policing, Developing Smart Cities, Social Care, Place Shaping, Digital Transformation, Education, Finance, H.R and many others. 


Years of experience working across a number of organisations in the Public Sector means itelligent-i know what core analytics your organisation requires; whether that be for strategic decision making, operational processes or performance management.  We have developed a number of Power BI ‘Starter Packs’ that can get you on your way quickly.  You can see the current Starter Packs on our website page .

While appreciating the Starter Packs can’t be described as ‘out-of-the-box’, our skilled analysts work with your teams to ensure that the Power BI solutions are implemented to represent your unique business processes.  By adapting our products during the implementation, you get the benefit of high-quality analytics to support your goals.

In addition to producing and publishing the very best research and analytics, itelligent-i will support the transformation of business intelligence in any organisation. Our Information Strategy Methodology not only enables and upskills our clients resources to use Power BI and Microsoft Azure data service, it also addresses security and governance challenges, and resolve data quality problems.  Our programmatic approach to implementing business intelligence using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI on small or large projects includes all change management techniques you would expect from a dynamic and friendly data partner.

itelligent-i has proven delivery and is a company you can trust to be your data partner.

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