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Accounts Receivable is the most integral part of any business when it comes to run business functions smoothly. When a corporation grows, managing overall business affairs, processes and critical path becomes more crucial and it is tough to keep an eye on outstanding Invoices, Credits Aging, Receivable Trends and breakdown at a Region, State, Division, Branch, Customers and Recovery Manager Levels.

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Brickclay’s Accounts Receivable solution empowers businesses to perform 360 analysis on their receivables at the access of few clicks to identify areas that needs to be taken care i.e: Region, Division, State, Branch, Customers, Recovery Managers, and Industries.
Executives and Managers expect to get answers about outstanding receivables when it comes to improve credits recovery, here are some potential questions:

Executives and Managers expect to get answers about outstanding receivables when it comes to improve credits recovery, here are some potential questions:
    • What’s the age of outstanding receivables?
    • How receivables are broken up in terms of Customers, Recovery Managers, Region, Divisions, Branches?
    • If either Region, Division, State, Branch or Recovery Manager is not performing well to get outstanding credits then what are the main contributors?
    • Which Recovery Managers have more outstanding credits and need to be taken care?
    • What are the customers who did not clear invoices within a month or so and probably going to become bad debt if their credits age is increasing?
Some interesting data stories explained by our solution’s reports:

Scorecard enables to compare monthly credits of one business unit with another e.g; Region, Division, State and Branch. At the same time it provides scorecard for respective recovery managers to evaluate their performance.

Organizational Summary
This report represents an overview of organizational branches, customer, industry, and trend along with receivables aging, hereafter providing the risky customers which potentially are going to become bad debts.

Recovery Managers Summary
This report empowers recovery manager to review receivables breakup for respective branches, customers and aging to make priority for credits recovery improvement.

Customers Summary
This reports stress to identify customers where business have more outstanding credits, credits aging breakup and respective branches spread across geographical locations. 

Receivables Trend Analysis
This report empowers to identify big credit fishes associated with business e.g; Region, Division, State, Branch, Recovery Manger and Customers to focus for credits recovery.

Although every analyst has own method of analysis but all comply on one point which is, improvement in Account Receivables, to keep organization operations smooth and avoid bad debts.

It shall be pleasure for us to help in your business growth so don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions or queries at

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