Anblicks Service Offerings


      Custom PowerBI Dashboards

       Our developers use your organisation reporting data warehouse, data models, and user-centric Power BI dashboards to create high-quality custom dashboards and streaming tiles using Azure

      Seamless Implementation and Roll-out

       Our Microsoft experts deploy and configure the Power BI solution and migrate your organizations’ data from your legacy system to the new Power BI platform.

      PowerBI Upgrades

       Our certified developers provide fast, economic Power BI upgrades. Using the installer, we ensure a smooth upgrade with minimal downtime and disruptions.

      Data Analysis Automation

       We analyse your BI requirements, data sources and plan deployment architecture and, build processes for ETL, data quality validation and automate processes to load reporting data on an ongoing basis.

      Mobile Visualizations

       Our developers re-arrange and resize visuals for an optimal mobile experience, create responsive visuals, add, and remove visuals from the layout to best fit your mobile layout.

      Data Integration Development

       We provide data extraction, cleansing, and data preparation services, create apps that integrate with a Power BI dashboard in real- time, and integrate Power BI tiles and reports into apps


Anblicks Differentiators – Our Best Practices


      Insight driven dashboards enabling business users to be quick and proactive in decision making.

      Row-Level Security (RLS) restricts user access to certain rows in a database depending on the characteristics of the user.

      Highly interactive and intuitive experience using optimized data model and optimized visualizations.

      Consistency of experience, and parity of query capabilities over all data sources.

      Showing the right number of visuals to ensure the best performance from the engine.

      Coordinated BI development by developing and delivering BI projects in a decentralized way to ensure maximum efficiency.

      Facilitate optimal portfolio of BI projects and delivering the highest return on investment on BI work.

      Simplify BI technologies by harmonizing and standardizing the many BI technologies already at use in the organization.

      Build trust in enterprise BI architecture by defining and facilitating the adherence to the enterprise technology architecture.

      Coordinate information governance by standardizing the definitions and usage of information across the company.

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