UXLI Ltd is a dynamic and ambitious European Data Management and Analytics Consulting company who are committed to empowering businesses by unlocking information that shapes decision-making. Our key focus is to be able to offer a value portfolio of quality BI and analytics services that anticipate and satisfy our customers’ needs. By focusing on data in the right context, we are able to deliver business insights and help organisations become increasingly intelligent about the way they use their digital assets.

With extensive experience in numerous industries including public sector, UXLI can deliver solutions that fit each business’ unique objectives, strategies and culture. We are passionate and dedicated to turning data into a business asset whilst providing a quality service and measurable results.

As a company, we can provide mature services that can make an immediate and positive impact on our client’s productivity. UXLI Ltd forms strategic alliances with industry leading infrastructure and software providers to ensure client satisfaction.

Improving Business Intelligence Agility

We believe data requirement is a continual process and not a onetime implementation. We help our customers to implement BI as an approach that combines processes, methodologies, tools and techniques, while incorporating organisational structure, in order to help strategic, tactical and operational decision-makers become more flexible and more responsive to ever changing business and regulatory requirements.

At UXLI we always listen, observe, learn and remain responsive to change. We invest in continuous research, exploration and learning in order to bring modern BI tools and techniques in practise. Our BI delivery methodology strongly focuses on business outcomes, not just technologies. Our delivery methodology and design principles ensure that we are:

   - Focusing on Business outcomes, not just technologies

   - Put Business in charge and empower teams to serve their own needs

   - Abandon technology–centric mentality and methodologies

   - Networking BI together

Through our extensive experience in implementing BI for large digital transformation programs we understand the full data lifecycle, aiding business in better decision making, identifying new services, creating new efficiencies, changing the way business utilise data for decision making and most importantly, making data tell its story. We do this through carefully crafting all stages of the data lifecycle including:

     - Data Entry – accuracy

     - Data Consolidation – consistency

     - Data aggregation – scope

     - Information targeting – fit

     - Information delivery – timeliness

     - Information analysis – analysability

At UXLI, we are FLEXIBLE & FOCUSED. Catering for Changes in Demand at the Speed Needed, Keeping Down Cost by Using Right Technologies and Sourcing Solutions.

We listen to your needs and provide advice and solutions to fit your specific situation.

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