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Power BI Mobile apps now support Goals!

Headshot of article author Maya Shenhav

A few months ago we released  Goals in the Power BI service.. Goals is a great addition to Power BI. Built directly on top of Power BI data, Goals provides a data-driven, collaborative, adaptable way of measuring and tracking progress on key business metrics. Goals enables teams to easily curate the business metrics that matter to them most, and to aggregate those metrics in an easy-to-grasp, unified view.

Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve enabled Goals in the latest update of the Power BI mobile apps! Having Goals in your Power BI mobile app lets you monitor the health of your business directly from your smart phone, no matter where you are. You can also check in and update progress for goals from the app, helping you to ensure that the status of your KPIs are always up to date.

To get started, get the latest update of your Power BI mobile app from the App store or GooglePlay. If Goals is enabled for your organization, you will find a new Goals tab right there on your home page.

Check out the Goals hub

The Goals hub is a centralized place that makes it easy for you to stay on top of your important goals and to navigate to your relevant scorecards.

At the top of the Goals hub you see the current state of the goals that are relevant to you. Below you’ll find recently accessed scorecards, your favorite scorecards, and the scorecards that have been shared with you.

Update your goals on the go

When you’re on the go, you need your smart phone to help you perform your tasks quickly and easily. The app enables you to update progress for your goals directly from the Goals hub, without even opening the scorecard. Just tap the ellipsis at the top right corner of a Goal and choose New check-in to provide all update information, including notes, or Quick check-in for quickly updating just today’s value and the status of your goal.

To view all the activity for a goal, select Details. This will display all the updates and notes that you and others on your team have posted for the goal. The details also include automatic updates that come from connected reports.

Viewing Scorecard

Scorecards (created in the service) bring together collections of goals and/or subgoals. Tapping a goal in the Goals hub, or selecting specific scorecard from the lists in that page, will open the scorecard.

When you open a scorecard, you’ll notice that it opens in a mobile optimized layout. Every scorecard created in the service automatically gets a layout optimized for viewing on mobile devices!

You can view a goal’s details and update progress from the scorecard page as well. Tapping a goal opens the details pane, where an ellipsis provides options you can do, such as updating progress or navigating to a report that is connected to that goal (if exists).

Next steps

Get Power BI Mobile app (App store or GooglePlay) and try out the new Goals hub to view goals and scorecards.