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Power BI Service and Mobile August 2019 feature summary

Headshot of article author Nikhil Gaekwad

The month of August was yet another busy one for the Power BI team. We continued to roll out new features and make updates across the stack. Here’s a quick recap of all the announcements in case you missed it:

New capacity settings for Power BI Premium

We started off by announcing five new settings for your Premium capacities in the admin portal. Now, you can set limits on “Max Offline Dataset Size” with the allowable range from 0.1 to 10 GB and even set limits on queries to prevent noisy reports from impacting others using the capacity. You can use these new settings to create a more predictable and performant capacity for your organization. Learn more


Custom branding for your organization

We announced custom branding for the Power BI service. Now, you change the theme color that appears in the top navigation bar, add your company logo, and bring your default landing page to life by adding a cover image.  Check out the announcement blog to learn more.

August update for On-premises data gateway

We shipped a new, improved version of the on-premises data gateway in August with an updated mashup engine to match the Power BI desktop version. Install the new gateway. Documentation on the new gateway, how to use it, and list of FAQs can be found here.

Summarized data export with build permission

We heard your feedback loud and clear that our limitations on export of summarized data from a visual are overly restrictive. In reaction, we adjusted our approach to allow users with the Read permission to export summarized data from a visual. Please note that exporting the underlying data for a visual will continue to require Build permission.  The underlying data is the detailed rows that were rolled up to show in the visual. Check out the announcement blog for more details.

URL parameters for paginated reports

We brought the ability to use URL parameters for paginated reports. Now, report authors to send commands to paginated reports in Power BI by adding a parameter to a URL. For example, you can pass report parameters to a report by including them in a paginated report URL, and even construct this URL dynamically in a Power BI report and drillthrough to a paginated report by using a DAX measure. Learn more

Support for monthly e-mail subscriptions

We continued to add more granular controls to e-mail subscriptions in the Power BI service by adding an option for you to subscribe monthly to reports, dashboards, and paginated reports. Learn more

AAD app proxy integration for Mobile

We partnered with Azure Active Directory team to integrate Power BI mobile applications with Azure Active Directory (AAD) Application Proxy. With this feature, you can now connect to Report Server hosted within your orgranization from Power BI Mobile app, without the need to set up complex on-premise configuration. Read more on Power BI mobile and Azure AD Application Proxy integration. Learn how to configure Azure AD Application Proxy and Power BI.