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Power BI Weekly Service Update

Headshot of article author The Power BI Team

We are excited to announce an additional set of features available in this week’s update.  Today’s release includes the following updates:

Customize your dashboards with additional tiles sizes

In additional to the three existing tile sizes (small or 1×1 tile unit, medium or 2×2 tile units, and large or 3×3 tile units), you can now choose from a variety of tile sizes from 1X1 up to 5×5 tile units. This provides more flexibility to resize your tiles for better representation of your data with optimized dashboard layout.

If you are a developer bringing in new visualizations into Power BI, we hope the additional tile sizes also empower your visual innovation in our BI solution.

Share read-only dashboards from group space

Sharing and collaborating from your Power BI group is easier. In a group space, all members can read, edit and delete all datasets, reports and dashboards. This is great when you and a group of workers need to collaborate on a collection of dashboards, reports, and datasets. However, we’ve gotten feedback from you that there are situations that you want to share read only content from that group to your colleagues. You can now share (and un-share) a dashboard from your group space exactly the way you would do it in your own space. Once colleagues accept your sharing invitation, the shared dashboard (and their associated reports) will be added in their own space with read-only permission. This will not affect the membership of your group space. Your colleagues that you invite to see your dashboard will not be automatically added to your group.

See how you can use Power BI with five new Industry Related Samples

We hope you get a chance to play with our newly released industry samples that were made public two weeks ago. Today, we are adding five additional industry related samples in the service: Customer Profitability, Human Resources, Opportunity Analysis, Procurement Analysis, and Sales and Marketing Sample.

The Customer Profitability industry sample dashboard and underlying report analyzes a CFO’s key metrics for her executives, products, and customers. You can investigate what factors impact profitability of the company. Here’s a screenshot of that dashboard:


The Human Resources industry sample concentrates on the hiring strategy for a company by analyzing new hires, active employees, and employees who left. By exploring the data, you can find trends in voluntary separations and biases in the hiring strategy. Here’s a screenshot of that dashboard:


The Opportunity Analysis industry sample explores a software company’s sale channel. A sale manager monitors their direct and partner sales channel by tracking opportunities and revenue by region, deal size, and channel. Here’s a screenshot of that dashboard:


The Procurement Analysis Sample dashboard and underlying report shows a manufacturing company’s spending on vendors. You can answers questions such as: Who the top vendors are, what categories do we spend the most money on, and which vendors give the highest discounts and when. Here’s a screenshot of that dashboard:


The Sales and Marketing industry sample analyzes a manufacturing company, VanArsdel Ltd. It allows the Chief Marketing Officer to watch the industry and the market share for VanArsdel. By exploring the sample, you can find the company’s market share, product volume, sales, and sentiment. Here’s a screenshot of that dashboard:

Enhanced canvas experience

We are also enabling a large number of reporting features in preparation for the Power BI Desktop release.  Stayed tuned to the blog for a detailed list of changes that will be available in both the Power BI Service and Power BI Desktop!