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The Power BI “Triple A” Event Videos Are Now Live!

Headshot of article author Sandy Rivas

Over the past few months, we’ve hosted three Power BI “Triple A” Community events, the first one with former Senior Program Manager Amanda Cofsky, the second one with Technical Fellow Amir Netz, and the third one with Arun Ulagaratchagan, GM Intelligence Platform. These exclusive events provided Community members who Kudoed our announcement post with the chance to receive an invitation to a Teams Event that would allow them to ask the three Microsoft employees their most burning Power BI questions. If you missed any or all of the events or if you would like to re-watch them, you can now do so in the Power BI Community ‘Community Live Events’ Video Gallery category.

Please note that you will either need to create a new Power BI Community account or sign into an existing account, in order to be able to watch the recordings.