Faction A - Retail Distribution Sales Analytics Dashboard

This interactive Sales Analytics Dashboard of an international electronics parts distributor provides complete sales data analysis.

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The Faction A squad created this Interactive Sales Analytics Dashboard of an international electronics parts distributor to allow you to drill the data yourself and explore all the features. You will discover an enormous amount of detailed information using all permutations in the form of tables and diagrams. Try all possible variations and you will be impressed by all the useful information you can get from such a dashboard.

  • You can search by month or year, by type of sale, by product category, by manufacturer, by sales channel. 
  • Use the column on the right to filter by time or by channel. 
  • At the bottom, you can filter by country.
  • You can directly compare two or more branches by pressing the CTRL key to make multiple selections. 
  • Use the rollover function to get more information.
  •  Each part of the dashboard can also be enlarged by clicking on the upper right corner.

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