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Our Retail Insights solution - powered by Microsoft Power BI - delivers powerful insights into your data. Using visualisations, artificial intelligence, and modern design principles - report consumers can analyse metrics such as revenue/margin by type, customer, date & region, as well as customer satisfaction and supplier status.

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Make data driven decisions to improve business performance

Our Power BI Retail Analytics solution uses the latest BI technologies and techniques to deliver powerful insights into your data. Using visualisations, artificial intelligence, and modern design principles we make analysing sales, revenue, customer satisfaction, and suppliers a seamless experience where the key information is clear and available at the click of a button. Combine and visualise information from across your organisation to create a culture where decision making is driven by data.

Our retail analytics dashboard will help you to:

  • Visualise revenue, orders, product types, and regional data to easily identify patterns, trends, and understand performance.
  • Monitor products that are over or under performing and identify what can be adjusted to improve sales and maximise margin.
  • Analyse client satisfaction across a variety of dimensions and identify the factors you can change to keep customers coming back.
  • Monitor your supply chain with a dynamic overview of your suppliers and any issues which may impact your business processes.
  • View departmental and regional performance across a variety of key performance indicators.
  • Leverage artificial intelligence to have insights provided at the click of a button.
Combined with best practices in reporting and data modelling this report utilises the latest features available in Microsoft Power BI to ensure instant, insightful, and thorough analysis is possible for any user.

For more information on how we could work with you to bring this type of reporting to your organisation please feel free to contact us.

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