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Explore the Top 250 Movies since 1921

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Moviegoers have a lot of tools at their disposal today compared to decades ago. With the amount of movies being released every week, now they can research about, find showtimes for and even rate their favorite flicks in sites like

Dan English created this interactive dashboard using IMDb data for the top 250 movies of all time based on more than 62 million reviews.

Play around with this interactive visualization to unlock  your own insights about this ranking.

Some interesting facts from this dashboard:

  • The Shawshank Redemption, a movie based on the famous Stephen King’s novel, was not a critics or fans favorite when it was released 20 years ago, but after that it has become a cult flick and its number one spot in this list confirms that.
  • The R rating is the one that drives more votes into the top 250 movies, more than doubling rating number two, PG-13.
  • Starting in the 1980s, you can see how the number of movies released in each decade with presence in the ranking increases around 30%.

You can also hear from Dan about how he used Excel to tap into this online data and Power BI to visualize it.

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